Q.E.I. Laboratory Memorandum
Quattrostelle Elettronica e Informatica


Q.E.I. srl - Quattrostelle Electronics and Information technology - was created by unbundling the branch company of the electronic and information technology division of Quattrostelle srl and it represents the continuation of the laboratories founded by Dr. Ing. Massimo Rinaldi, where many unique dedicated electronic projects in many different fields were developed.

The key milestones among many different achievements and personal patents were:

1964:  The "First Electronic Desk-Top calculator of the World" manufactured since 1964 by IME Company in joint venture with Edison-Montedison Group and exported all over the world.

1970:  Several models of computers, pioneers of the present personal computers, realised since 1970 by MAEL COMPUTER in joint venture with Pesci Group and exported in many countries like USA, USSR, Germany, China...

1975:  Dedicated equipment for total automation of corrent accounts payments installed in most of the Italian Post Offices, realised since 1975 by MAEL COMPUTER.

1980:  Dedicated desk-top and portable equipment for railways tickets issue installed in most of the Italian Railways Stations, realised since 1980 by MAEL COMPUTER.

1983:  Automation of the Italian "Totocalcio" bet game, a thruly innovative, manufactured in joint venture with Olivetti Group and installed in Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece with more than 35.000 terminal units.

1988:  Automation of the Italian "Lotto" bet game, a thruly innovative, manufactured in joint venture with Olivetti Tecnost Mael Group and installed in Italy with more than 35.000 terminal units.

1994:  Managing system for the cars fleet of the Hungarian police (GPS) (Quattrostelle – AszSz, the Hungarian State Company of IT)

1995:  Terminals handhelds for doctors to issue their medical prescriptions (Quattrostelle - ASzSz)

1996:  Environmental Monitoring Systems called "AUDIA" (Quattrostelle – ACEA – UE)

1998:  Medical Report information system including handwriting optical recognition (PMI - Progetto Menopausa Italia), currently in use in 250 Italian hospitals (Quattrostelle – AOGOI Gynecologists Italian Association).

2000:  Extension of PMI in Europe IMP - International Menopause Project with test area in Spain and Portugal (Quattrostelle – AOGOI)

2004:  Innovative Electronic Machine system (patented) for the digital management of paper forms, with handwriting optical recognition, validation, obliteration, front/rear image scanning and archiving with db, encryption of all data, electronic signatures and digital protocolling.

2008:  Projects NAR (Nuova Angrafe Regionale - New Regional register office) and RMMG (Rete Medici Medicina Generale - Network of regional public Doctors) (Quattrostelle – Sicily Region).

2010:  Project MEF: System for the control and management of the public pharmaceutical costs based on their own Validators polifunctionals, installed in all pharmacies of Molise Region (Ministry Economy and Finance - Regione Molise - Quattrostelle).

Among "minor" patents we mention:


Industrial production has always been carried out in its own factory sites located in the "Cassa del Mezzogiorno" area. Since 1969 the laboratory for the patents design and prototypes production has been located in the same office of the Quattrostelle headquarter in Rome, in order to better cooperate with University, Research Centers and Government Companies.

In 1988 the Italian Ministry for the “Scientific and Technologic Research Co-ordination" has included Quattrostelle laboratory in the Official Register of highly qualified public and private laboratories (n°402910R9) authorised to develop research projects as art.4, law n°46 of 17.2.1982.

From 1990 Dr. Ing. Stefano Rinaldi is the Laboratory Director.


Q.E.I. srl - Quattrostelle Elettronica e Informatica
Lab:       Largo Messico, 3 - 00198 Rome (Italy)
Presid:  Piazza Venezia, 11 - 00187 Rome (Italy)
Tel. +39.06.8419270
e-mail: quattrostelle@quattrostelle.it

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